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warning: weird post

Have watercolour tube colors and want an affordable, adorable, pocketable field sketching set?

Seriously you can probably find one at a dollar store. This cost me sgd2 bucks and its airtight (and waterproof)

And there’s those huge pan areas, and I have been annoyed at how tiny half pans kept scaping the side of my brushes for now. And big pans = easier large washes

Heard of those custom made usd 400+ palettes used by professional artists? They have those big pans too. Well maybe pill boxes have no large mixing areas but I can always wipe away the mixed areas.

Update: I realised the paints are kept semi moist (rewets better) esp in such airtight pill boxes. So when you add fresh tube paints to a new box, it’d be nice to close it/ start using once it no longer flows and is sticky to touch :D( but make sure they dont flow!!!)
I had this older set that has completely dried and cracked tube paints and they are a Pain to rewet in order to get the colour to the intensity I wanted)

I’m getting a little overly-excited about this.

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    I shall remember this when I transfer for my art major, anything to save megabucks on supplies~
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