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asdkfj;fdjk sorry I thought it looked pretty terrible on my dash so posting them again under cut.

Not sure if these count as spoilers…aftergame (game after game?) spoilers? Basically a bunch of pixel Komaeda gifs I put together from screencaps. 13 total.

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Komaeda Nagito’s ending in Dangan Island


Komaeda Nagito’s character-specific ending that takes place after Dangan Island’s default ending. Character-specific endings are achieved by maximizing your lovey-dovey meter with said character, which roughly translates to picking the ‘best choice’ 10 times while taking them out.

Oh and…ignore the part in the end where the game bugged out and put ‘Komaeda Nagito’ on the dialogue box even though it was supposed to be Hinata’s inner monologue.

(On a side note, I personally like to enjoy the ending with this as the background music, for totally not obvious reasons.)


-I guess today’s the last time we get to enjoy this scenery together…

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べんとう ~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Sketching in Galaxy note 3…when I’m supposed to be studying…. the background images are Snote Templates in case you’re wondering LOL. Apparently, I tried to make each sketch match the mood of the background subconsciously

The third picture shows a twist crayon that I cut up and mod into an Spen holder. I recommend Spen users to try this out. It really makes the user experience a lot more like actual pen and paper.


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Sherlock Masterpost


(hosted by hellslibrary)

Season 1

Megashare (all of Season 1)

0: Unaired Pilot - Google Drive + download

1: A Study in Pink - Google Drive + download

2: The Blind Banker - Google Drive + download

3: The Great Game - Google Drive + download

Season 2

Megashare (all…


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[GIF] Rilakkuma’s life >___< [cr:复古写真馆]


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Inside the Borrower’s House.

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Photographer Joshua Hoffine skillfully recreates childhood nightmares into visual reality

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